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What makes us so special?
At Atrium, we offer something better than the rest.

  • Free delivery on orders over £29
  • Money back guarantee
  • Personal quality check on each canvas
  • Free canvas hanger fitted as standard
  • Upload photos from your computer, Facebook or Instagram
  • Chance to 'share' your design on social media

100% satisfaction guaranteed
Canvas Prints sale prices
Size (inch) Regular Price Sale Price
08 x 08 £16 £7.99
12 x 08 £19.99 £9.99
16 x 12 £29.99 £14.99
20 x 16 £39 £19.99
24 x 16 £49.99 £24.99
30 x 20 £69.99 £34.99
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Superior Canvas Prints
Atrium canvas prints leave others behind.
superior prints
  • High quality, professional artist standard, 340gsm canvas
  • Image check and enhancement as standard
  • Professional fingerjointed frame in 30mm or 40mm thickness
  • Varnish finish for longevity
  • Hand stretched for perfect results
  • Taped, and fitted with hanger for immediate display
Collage Canvas Prints
Atrium collages: stories through pictures.

superior prints
  • Perfect for image collections
  • Range of fun styles and shapes
  • Heart shaped collage canvas & word shaped collage canvas
  • Inset collages for special moments
  • Full customer control throughout the design process
  • Preview final design before completing order
Wordart Canvas
Put words on canvas for the perfect message.

superior prints
  • Preserve the special words in your life
  • Range of fun wordart shapes, including heart shaped wordart
  • Edit layout, colours and font
  • Makes a perfect gift
  • Innovative design process keeps the customer in charge
  • Full preview option before completion
Photo Shape Canvas
Multiply images to fill a fun collage canvas shape

superior prints
  • Use any number of uploaded images
  • Automated duplication of images
  • Wide selection of fun collage canvas designs including heart shaped canvas
  • Edit margins, rotation and borders of photos
  • User friendly, intuitive design process
  • Preview canvas before purchase