Atrium Collage Canvas: a perfect gift for Mothering Sunday

Mother’s Day is a traditional Christian celebration and a time to show the mums in your life love and appreciation.  Collage Canvases make beautiful and personal gifts for Mothering Sunday, which will be treasured for a lifetime.  Falling this year on 15th March, it’s time to create the perfect gift for that special person in your life.

Atrium Collage Canvas prints make perfect gifts for Mother’s Day.  With a huge choice of shapes, styles and sizes each gift is unique, personal and inspired.  Use our gift guide for some suggestions on creating the perfect gift for your mother this year.

Family photos are a really special way to show your mum your appreciation.  Bring the family together to take some stunning family portraits.  Use the inset collage canvas option to add two or three extra images and let or collage generator create your perfect print.  Available in sizes from 12” x 8”, to 54” x 36” these stunning collage canvases will be treasured gifts for years to come.

Family memories make beautiful gifts.  Choose images from throughout her life to make the perfect gift for the perfect mother.  Include images of her own childhood and family, combined with photographs of her with her young and grown up children to create a gift with to guarantee an outstanding response.  Both inset or mosaic style collage canvases would be ideal for this kind of Mother’s Day gift.

Loving families are what make our mums happy.   Group together pictures of the entire family, from children and grandchildren, to brothers, sisters and grandparents.  Choose the mosaic collage design, or the repeated collage canvas design, to bring these pictures together, and display them in one beautiful canvas.  This is a gift which will treasured and loved by your mum.

Add shape for style by opting for one of our specially shaped collage canvas prints.  With your extra special collection of images you could choose a specially shaped collage canvas to add an extra dimension to your gift.  The heart shaped collage canvases show the feeling in you family, whilst the word shapes ‘love’ or ‘family’, help to remind your mum just how much you care.

Personal designs look great on a canvas.  An artistic design by a son or daughter, or a grandson or granddaughter, printed onto our high quality canvas will become a treasured gift.  For extra opportunities for your mum’s pride to show you could even add the artistic design to an inset style collage canvas, and display images of the artist and the artist at work on the inset pictures.  A real memento to treasure for years to come.

Words from the heart create perfect gifts for Mother’s Day.  Use our word-art creator to generate one of our most beautiful gifts.  Easy to use, with superb results, add the names of family members, special places or unique family words to create a unique and stunning canvas.

At Atrium Canvas you are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the perfect gift for Mother’s Day 2015.  Our beautiful and high quality canvas will be treasured and enjoyed for years to come.  Get something special for your mum this year; get an Atrium Collage Canvas.

As an extra special thank you, quote the code mothersday15 and we’ll give you a 15% discount off any collage canvas or wordart order.

Order by Monday 9th March for guaranteed delivery.

Fun with shapes: shaped collage canvas prints

Add even more fun to your collage canvases by choosing a fab shaped outline.  Bring all your pictures together to fill one the of the pre-set collage shape outlines, making great art for your walls and bringing your memories alive.

Heart shaped collage canvas
Heart shaped collage canvas

Share your feelings by choosing one of our heart shaped collages.  For a truly romantic collage canvas, fill your heart shape with photos of you and your partner at different times in your relationship.  Or preserve pictures of a special day in the most romantic shape possible.  Love isn’t only about romance.  Use the heart shaped collage canvas to print pictures of your family and other people you love.

Perfect for young boys, the unique rocket shaped collage canvas is a great way to create personalised artwork for a special child’s room.  You could fill with pictures of family, friends or holidays for a fun way of keeping photos together.  For an extra-special collage canvas, the rocket shape could be filled with images of super-heroes, characters from science-fiction or pictures from outer-space.

Cute, bear shaped collages make great individual gifts and a perfect way to give something which will be kept and treasured for years to come.  Bear shapes could be filled with photographs of baby’s first year, christening or first birthday, or even pictures of pregnant mum and new-born baby.  For a more unusual choice, fill the shape with pictures matching the theme or design of the nursery.

Paw collage canvas
Paw collage canvas

Pet lovers love the paw shaped collage canvas print.  A really fun way to display pictures of your favourite pet, and of your time together.  Paw shaped collage canvas prints make personal and fun gifts.

Other fab collage shapes include stars, circles, triangles and pentagons.  Fill shapes with your choice of images to make spectacular wall-art and fun designs.

Fun shapes can be filled using a traditional, image by image process, or with the fun montage builder.  Our unique collage builder is easy to use and lets you design and edit each and every aspect of your collage canvas.  Finishing with a final preview, you can check the final design before you complete your order.

Whatever your story, choose a shaped collage canvas for fun results.

Collage canvas builder: design in your hands

Collage canvas prints are as unique and personal as your pictures.  Our innovative collage canvas builder has always kept you in control of your design, but our improved collage canvas builder does even more to please your inner designer.

What’s new?  Sourcing your images

The reworked and improved interface now gives you multiple ways, in one canvas design, to choose your images.  Once you’ve selected the collage layout, opt to select pictures from your computer, Facebook or Instagram.  Identifying an album in Facebook or Instagram will instantly display pictures from the selected folder as thumbnails on the left hand side.  Opt to select images from your computer, and individual images will be downloaded and displayed as thumbnails while you choose the design for your collage canvas.  Throughout the design process, uploaded thumbnail images, from each source, will continue to be available to you; simply click the computer, Instagram or Facebook icon.

Heart shaped collage canvas
Heart shaped collage canvas

What’s new? Placing your images

It’s now easier than ever to place images onto your collage canvas design, ultimately making the design process easier, faster and more user friendly than before.  Images displayed as thumbnails on the left hand side can be dragged and dropped into position on your collage canvas template.  From here, you can rotate, zoom and crop your images.  Alternatively, you can click on the template image space, and from here, select the source, computer, Facebook or Instagram, for one particular image.  This shortcut can be useful if most of your images are coming from say Facebook, but you also want an image on your computer’s hard drive.

What’s new? Collage design

Our improvements don’t end there.  The most exciting thing about our new interface is the ability to change the collage canvas template design after you’ve placed your images.  Our program will automatically transfer your selected photos, in the most appropriate way, to your new collage layout.  This means if you’ve created a mosaic style square canvas, you can quickly and easily see how these pictures might look as a heart, panoramic or even a paw shape.

Collage canvas
Collage canvas

Design in your hands

As ever, our unique collage canvas builder keeps you in control.  You can edit the rotation, zoom and focus of each image individually as well as change border colours and widths.  Our innovative design preview option allows you to check every aspect of your design, before you complete your order.

Atrium Canvas: our canvas; your design

With our complete range of styles and shapes, exceptional quality and superior customer service, designing your canvas with Atrium’s collage builder will result in perfect results.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out our reviews on Facebook and Google+.

With many thanks to our valued customer, Nicola Castle, for allowing us to share her collage designs.  We love your canvases! AC

Spring for canvas prints

Nature preserved on a canvas print adds instant charm to any room.  After a winter which has felt long and very, very wet, leaving some with unhappy reminders of freak weather, the sight of snow drops in bloom, daffodils in bud and crocuses in flower, can’t help but lift the spirits.

Printing the photos of these first signs of spring onto canvas results in stunning canvas prints.  At Atrium Canvas, our printing technique brings the natural detail of the photographs to life in full vivid colour, giving you a reminder of the spectacular first signs of spring all year round.  See our guide to taking photographs of nature’s gifts to get the most from your canvas prints.

Spring Crocus
Spring Crocus
  1. Get up close.  Many of the signs of spring come in miniature form.  You might want to take photographs of new buds on trees, the delicate shape of the snowdrop or of the colours of the crocus.  Whatever your subject, you’re going to need to get as close as possible.  This may mean lying on the ground in order to get your lens as close as possible.  Use a waterproof groundsheet or waterproof clothes for extra comfort.
  2. Focus fully.  To get those stunning shots of snowdrops, ideally complete with dewdrops, you need to use a lens which will take as close a shot as possible.  A 28-105 lens may not let you get close enough for a single flower, or even petal, to fill the frame.  A solution could be to use a 100-400mm lens, whilst still getting your camera as close as possible to the subject.
  3. Avoid exposure.  The stunning colours in early blooms look great on canvas prints, but beware of over exposure; particularly of the stunning white of the snowdrops.  To combat this, choose your time of day, sunlight and place carefully.  Consider dialling in your compensation exposure by a couple of notches to get it right.
  4. Consider the background.  Whatever the beautiful subject of your spring photo, choose your background with care.  Decide whether you want a macro image of a single bud, or a scene-setter of clumps of flowers.  Choose the composition of your image before you begin to shoot, for truly stunning results.
  5. Simply shutters.  Taking images outside at this time of year can throw up its own sort of problems.  Even movements of a couple of mm can change the results of a macro image.  Manage the shutter speeds on your camera to allow for slight movements of your subject.
Daffodils in the spring
Daffodils in the spring

Once you have the perfect spring picture, printing your art onto canvas couldn’t be easier.  Upload your pictures to our site, either directly or using our Instagram canvas print option, and choose your canvas print.  Single images printed onto large sized canvases will look truly stunning, whilst a series of smaller single images could help to preserve the story of spring.  Inset style collage canvas prints could help to display a selection of images with different compositions: perhaps a macro image in the centre with wider focus images on the inset.


Whatever designs you choose, printing your stunning images on to canvas prints will bring the hope and pleasure of spring into your home throughout the year.

Spring onto canvas prints.

Mother’s Love: perfect canvas prints for Mothering Sunday

Canvas prints make the ideal, bespoke and affordable gift for Mothering Sunday.  Celebrated in the UK this year on 30th March, the day for celebrating and spoiling your mum is coming around quickly, so it’s time to think about finding the perfect gift.

Traditionally a Christian celebration, this day is a time to celebrate your mother and show her your love and appreciation.   It is on this day each year, you need to give a gift they can treasure daily, for years to come.

Mother and daughter inset collage canvas
Mother and daughter inset collage canvas

Although flowers are traditionally given on Mothering Sunday, you may want to give your mother something more original, as well as something much longer lasting.

Canvas prints make perfect gifts for Mother’s Day.  Coming in all shapes, styles and sizes, each gift is unique, personal and inspired.  Our gift guide below shows you just some of the ways you could use canvas prints as a gift for your mum this Mother’s Day.

Family portraits are a really special way to tell your mum you care.  Gather the family together and generate a stunning family portrait.  Use the standard canvas print option, available in sizes from 12” x 8”, to 54” x 36”, to reproduce your spectacular image so it will be treasured by your mum for years to come.

Family inset collage; treasure memories
Family inset collage; treasure memories

Families through the ages.  Mums across the world would love to see images of their growing family gathered through the years.  Include pictures of her as a little girl, with her own mother, pregnant with her children, and then perhaps with her as a grandmother.  Great ways to display collections like this would be perhaps with a collage canvas print, or with a collection of five or six small standard canvases.

Maris world; a family collage
Maris world; a family collage

All the special people.  Mums can’t be prouder of their families.  Gather together contemporary pictures of the family, from children and grandchildren, to siblings and spouses.  Use the mosaic collage design, or the repeated collage canvas design, to gather all these pictures together, and display in one perfect canvas.  Your Mum will love you for this: we guarantee it!

Going the extra mile.  All mums go the extra mile, and you might want to go the extra mile for your mum.  Once you’ve gathered together collections of images, choose a specially shaped collage canvas to add extra meaning to your message.  The heart shaped collage canvases encapsulate the feelings of your family, whilst the word shapes ‘love’ or ‘family’, give your message that special message.

Family shaped canvas: that extra mile
Family shaped canvas: that extra mile

A personal creation.  Canvases aren’t just for pictures.  An artistic design from a son or daughter, or a grandson or granddaughter, displayed on a standard canvas print looks fab on the wall.  Your mum will love describing who designed the creation and showing off their family’s artistic talent.  You could even add the artistic design to an inset style collage canvas, and display images of the artist on the inset pictures.  A real memento to treasure for years to come.

Special memories.  There have been times in all mums’ lives that they will treasure forever.  Perhaps weddings, their own and that of their own children, special holidays, christenings or a particularly memorable holiday.  Inset collage designs are a great way to help you mum remember that special occasion forever.  Use the main image to show the main story of the celebration, and the insets to show other people from the occasion.

Words from the heart.  Canvases don’t have to be about pictures.  Use our brand-new word-art canvas option to use words to create a unique and stunning canvas.  Names of everyone in the family, perhaps with street, place or house names make a great memento of family life.  Other unique ideas include adding words from favourite songs or wedding vows to create something truly unique and personal for you mum.

Special word-art
Special word-art

Gifts treasured above others by mums across the world are those created and designed with them in mind.  Gifts which are personal and unique and which really show their children care.  Canvas prints, in any design, make perfect gifts this Mothering Sunday.

Show your mum you care.

As an extra special thank you, quote the code: mothersday15 and we’ll give you a 15% discount off any collage canvas or wordart order.

Order by Monday 24th March for guaranteed delivery.


Personalised Valentine’s Gifts: Stunning Canvas Prints

As Valentine’s Day fast approaches, you may be looking for that perfect, romantic gift.  At Atrium Canvas, our eclectic range of canvas styles means you can find the perfect gift to treasure for a lifetime. Choose from the word ‘love’ or heart shaped collages canvases for romantic gifts.

Love word-art
Love word-art

A day celebrating Saint Valentine has long been a Christian concept, but only became associated with romance due to the writings of the great poet of the 14thC, Chaucer.  By the late 18thC printers began to print romantic Valentine’s Day cards and gave young Romeos instructions on how to write romantic verse to capture the attention of their attraction.  This practice quickly developed to become a worldwide event, with romance celebrated with cards and gift giving on 14th February.

But what makes a perfect valentine gift?  As a day to celebrate love, fertility and attraction, gifts given to celebrate Valentine’s Day should reflect the feelings of one person to another.  Gifts that have taken time and love to create and that celebrate the things personal to a couple.  Valentine’s Day gifts should be treasured and remembered for years to come, and should reflect something of the couple’s personality.

Atrium Canvas’ canvas prints make excellent Valentine’s Day gifts, ticking all the boxes for special and romantic presents and something to treasure for years to come.  We offer a range of unique and inspiring designs, perfect for saying ‘I love you’, ‘I care’ and ‘this is us’.  Our heart shaped collage canvases come in many different designs and make an extra-special gift.

Our collage canvas prints let you put special images together in the layout option of your choice.  You could opt for a traditional mosaic design with up to 77 pictures; this really lets you share the special moments of your relationship and preserves many treasured memories.  The inset collage designs are a great way to tell a story with words.  These are a great choice for a particular special occasion such as a wedding or engagement day.

Heart-shaped collage canvas
Heart-shaped collage canvas

The shaped collage canvases let you place selected individual images on our pre-set designs for a unique and effective canvas print.  Shape choices perfect for Valentine’s Day include heart shaped collages and the word ‘love’ shaped collage.  These extra-special canvas prints really show you care.  Select images of memories treasured by you both to show your partner you remember your special times together.

The brand new word-art canvas designs are a unique way to tell someone how deeply you feel.  Use words which mean something to you as a couple, perhaps your wedding vows, or a poem or song special to you both, and watch as our word-art generator fills your chosen shape with your special message.  Romantic shape choices include the heart shape or the word ‘love’.

Love word-art
Love word-art

Our multi-image shaped collage canvas is another brand-new product for Atrium.  The multi-image shaped collage canvas automatically fills a selected outline with duplicated copies of images you upload.  Use the heart shaped collage canvas for a truly romantic gift.This is a great option if you are looking for the effect and impact of a collage, but only want to include a few special images.  Choose this option to preserve special memories, perhaps from your wedding day, engagement or the birth of a child.

The standard canvas print is a perfect way to preserve moments in time and display them for all to see.  Choose this option if you have one special picture you’d like to share forever.  Perfect for that outstanding wedding picture or stunning loving image.

Multi-image shaped canvas
Multi-image shaped canvas

Choosing an Atrium Canvas canvas print, in any style, as a romantic gift is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of your partner.  Preserving memories for decades and showing the world how much you care makes canvas prints the perfect choice this Valentine’s Day.

Order by 9th February for Valentine’s Day delivery.

Love your space: canvas photo prints

Following the chaos and clutter of Christmas, most of us can’t wait to clear our homes and love our space.  Putting away, displaying and sorting Christmas gifts, including any new canvas prints, is a great way to bring fresh life to your space.  At Atrium we want to share our tips with you for making the most of your home in 2014.

Clearing Christmas

The first place to start is removing Christmas leftovers.  Recycle cards, pack away decorations and store leftover wrapping paper.  That bauble that you left on the tree when it went outside with the garden waste? Forget it.  Put it in the recycling and leave it there.  In our house, putting away the new Christmas gifts is one of the major missions after the Christmas holidays.  Make sure children can access new toys, but put away ones they’ll ‘grow into’ for later in the year.  Put other new items to use straight away.  Use new toiletries, wear new clothes and display canvas photos or framed gifts.  If you have received things you’re sure you won’t use, return them (to the shop that is), give to charity or store for a later raffle prize donation (just don’t forget where you’ve put them when the request comes in).

Loving your home

Home sweet home: canvas prints
Home sweet home: canvas prints


Home is where the heart is: truly.  Happiness is found in the homestead, along with loved ones and loved memories.  Once you’ve cleared that Christmas detritus, look around your home.  Take a note of all that you love about it, and everything that reflects you and your family.  Enjoy the newly discovered clear spaces.  Taking the opportunity for a clean behind the sofa and other hard to reach places will help you restore order and harmony to your home.  Think about the stamp of your family and memories on your home.  Could you add more canvas photos and canvas prints to bring it to life?

Quick fixes to extend the love

If, following Christmas, you feel your home needs a few ‘quick-fixes’ to bring the brightness back, think about ways you can achieve that with the least expense.  Consider dying sofa or cushion covers, purchasing new lampshades or tablecloths or giving everywhere a lick of paint.  Adding new smaller items to the mix, such as vases, clocks or stylish ornaments, can be a great way to cheaply add more character to your home.

Creative wall-space

Using wall-space is a fantastic way to bring personality, love and colour to a home.  It can truly transform a home from a room to a home.  Look at framed picture your already have.  Can the pictures or frames be updated?  Think about how they’re displayed and whether or not a new home would extend their life.  Printing photos onto canvas is a great way to update images.  Canvas pictures look bright, modern and stunning and always bring life to a room.  Canvas prints can also be used for other types of images: consider displaying children’s artwork,printed mementos or Instagram creations.  For an extra bit of interest, choose a collage canvas print, or one of our brand new word-art canvases.

Collage canvas print
Collage canvas print

However you decide to love your home, January is a great time to reflect on all that’s amazing in your life and home, and look forward to fantastic times and memories in 2014.

Happy New Year! Atrium Canvas



Word-art canvas: exciting canvas gifts

Here at Atrium Canvas we are super excited to launch our brand-new product: word-art canvases.  Based on the concept of a word-cloud, our wordart canvases fill selected shapes with words, characters or symbols to create fantastic and unique canvases.  These creative and innovative prints will preserve memories and messages for years to come and look absolutely great on the wall.

Wordart display
Wordart display

With our specially developed program, our customers select the required shape, input a list of words or characters and press ‘Go’, instantly filling the shape with the words or characters.  The designing doesn’t end there: you can control the size, style and colour of the font and the background, as well as control the way the shape is filled.  Throughout the step by step process, canvases are available to preview so you can make changes and let your creative side loose.

Our word-art shapes come in a range of designed outlines, selected to suit every occasion.  Choose from traditional shapes such as circles, squares and triangles for a clean finish, or from fun designs such as rockets, bears and flowers for an interesting style.  Heart shapes and houses help to tell a special story, whilst word outlines, such as love, really do paint a picture with a thousand words.

Gifts for everyone

With such a range of shapes and styles, we can see endless possibilities for our canvases.

Rocket word-art
Rocket word-art

A rocket shape would make an amazing gift filled with words from outer space for a would-be astronaut, or a flower shape filled with the names of friends and family, or favourite colours, would be perfect for a truly girly girl.

For mothers and grandmothers, filling a house outline with anniversaries, family names, birthdays and special places would make a perfect memento.

House word-art
House word-art

Filling a heart shape with words from songs, places or people that have been special in a relationship would be a truly unique and heartfelt gift for a loved one.  Heart shapes could also be filled with words from an especially romantic song, vows from your wedding, or pet names you have for each other.

Worldmap wordart
Worldmap wordart

A square shape could be filled with words from a favourite author or novel for a book-lover.

And a perfect give for a traveller could be a world-map filled the names of places they’ve visited and people they’ve met across the world.

These are just some ideas.  Use the canvas styles in your own way, to tell the story your way.

These unique canvases really do look stunning.  Don’t just take our word for it, try it for yourselves at Atrium Canvas.

If you have any feedback, such as ideas for different shapes or font styles, please let us know.  If we can do, we will!

As an incentive to try our great new product, use the code wordart10 to get a 10% discount, available until 31st January 2014.


Canvas printing on social media: a foray into Facebook

Atrium Canvas has finally joined the 21st C and has well and truly established its Facebook page.  Now joining the ranks of other photography companies, large and small, we’ve begun the game of chasing those ‘likes’, posting ‘status updates’ and building our ‘fan base’.  So why is it that successful companies need an social media presence and what strategies are we using to reach our market?

Facebook Logo

As an online canvas printing company, we’ve always conducted most of our business through our website.  It’s here that our customers upload their images, manipulate the design and finish of their canvas, and get to view the preview of their wall-art.  There’s just one problem with an online store in contrast to a physical one, your customers have to find you. Out there.  In virtual space.  Search rankings from Google matter, and how people connect with your business online matters.  One sure fire way to increase our ranking position and social media references is to develop our online presence.  So that’s where we’re at; building our Facebook profile.

Building the page was relatively easy, thanks to Facebook’s step-by-step guide.  We’ve added images of our canvas collage prints, talked about our fantastic wall-art and uploaded our logo.  We’re happy with the aesthetics of our ‘page’, and can’t wait for others to view it, but there’s much more to Facebook than that.  In order to gain a successful online social networking profile, we need to make sure our valued customers are viewing our posts, and sharing their opinions about our products.

Generating our ‘likes’ has taken some thought.  Our first step towards this has been to invite our personal friends and family to ‘like’ our page.  We’ve also added ‘like’ Facebook buttons on our canvas printing website.  Both of these strategies have experienced some success, although our fans are not yet in the region of 100s, never mind about the 1000s.

Going with the idea that we, as a social community, want to let our friends and family know about positive experiences we have, we’re adding a ‘comment on Facebook’ button to our canvas purchasing page.  In this way, our loyal and new purchasers alike can easily add a post to Facebook, letting their followers know about their uniquely designed collage canvas print.

Customers who have purchased from us in the past are also due to receive an email asking them to ‘like’ our page.  We plan to make sure that customers are rewarded for their loyalty, and the act of liking, by providing then with a substantial discount code for future orders.  We constantly receive positive feedback from our customers, so hope this strategy will receive some success; after all, we all want to let our loved ones know about a good idea or product.

Atrium Canvas Prints has also engaged the services of Facebook advertising.  Cost effective, yet targeted ‘promoted pages’ should make sure that our targeted customers have the chance to see our Facebook link, ‘like’ us and become part of our fan base.

Of course, keeping our canvas printing company alive on the social network is about more than generating ‘likes’; once we have our followers we want to keep them engaged with our company.  We’re planning to provide discount codes, competitions and activities, alongside inspiring, emotional and humorous content.  Maybe that will keep our followers following.  I’m hoping!

Facebook Like button

Visit our canvas print Facebook page.  ‘Like’ us ‘share’ us, and we’ll love you, we promise!

Next: Pinterest, Twitter and Reddit!  The social network world is our oyster.

Atrium Canvas: the Perfect Christmas Gift

Canvas prints for Christmas gifts

Canvas for Christmas
Canvas for Christmas

In the post 5th November weeks, Christmas is waiting in the wings, with its mammoth lists of gifts, food shopping and family time.  By the end of November, the Christmas gift buying has started in earnest.  We all love buying gifts at Christmas.  I enjoy the choosing, the purchasing and even the wrapping (okay, maybe just the first few), but finding the right gift for everyone on the gift list can be a challenge.

To make things a bit easier for you this Christmas, we have come up with a canvas buying gift guide to help you select a perfect, unusual and personal gift for nearly everyone on your gift list.

  1. The kids with everything.  Choosing canvas as gifts for children may not seem the most obvious choice, but children love themes and people with a passion and want to share that passion with everyone.  You could give a gift of a canvas print with images of parents, siblings, pets or grandparents, or you could go for something more unusual.  We can print any digital pictures on to canvas so why not choose illustrations of famous characters, fictional or real?  You could use your own works of art, or those of your children, to create colourful and striking images which will look great on the walls of any child’s bedroom.
  2. Pet lovers.  For those with a particular fondness for their furry friends, why not choose one of Atrium’s shaped collage canvas prints?  Available in paw shapes, these canvas prints make a great way to show the world just how much a love a pet can have.  Your animal loving friend or family will love this unique gift.

    Paw collage canvas
    Paw collage canvas
  3. Frantic families.  Canvas prints, in all shapes and sizes, are the perfect way to shout about family.  Mosaic style canvas prints results in treasured records of special moments and make a fantastic Christmas gift for grown-up children with families of their own, or for distant relatives who want to keep in touch.
  4. Your other half.  Choosing a canvas print as a romantic gift is the perfect way to say, ‘I love you’ and to preserve that feeling forever.  The inset style canvas prints can be used to show special moments from a celebration.  Whilst the shaped collage canvas prints, in the shape of hearts or the word ‘love’, display collections of treasured images to give your partner a romantic gift which will last a lifetime.
  5. Friends forever.  What better way to show your friend how much you appreciate them, than by giving them  shaped collage canvas print in the shape of the word, ‘friends’?  Fill these collages with images of your adventures together to give an unusual and heartfelt gift, illustrating the journey of your friendship.
  6. Art lover.  Anyone on your gift list with a love of interiors or art, will appreciate a traditional canvas print, perhaps depicting a stunning sunset, luscious landscape or dreamy dunes.  Choose the A2 canvas print for a really dramatic piece of art which will look great on any wall.
  7. Mosaic collage canvas
    Mosaic collage canvas

    Doting grannies.  Choose canvas prints to share images of your children with other members of your family.  Grandparents and God-parents alike will treasure canvas displays of the children in their life.

 Atrium Canvas Prints.  Gifts you’ll love to give.